Low Price Software

Some of the best movie maker software packages can come in very reasonable prices. However, before downloading or purchasing any software, you have to make sure that the program is compatible with your computer, unless of course you are ready to splurge on a new PC. Most computers, which are relatively new (less than 2 years), are compatible with almost all movie making software available today. On the other hand, if you have an old, low-budget computer, you might have to settle for a video editing software with basic and very limited features. Keep in mind that you have to match the requirements of your software with your computer. Purchasing even the most expensive movie making software will absolutely make no sense if your computer won’t be able to run it effectively.

Having said that, the best movie maker software under $50 are Corel’s DVD Movie Factory and WinDVD 2010. Both of these programs are priced under $40, which is definitely an excellent bargain considering the advanced video making features they offer. Roxio Basics which is under $20 is also one of the most affordable best movie maker software available today.