Digital Media Software

The best movie maker software under this category is probably your most ideal option if you plan to create and produce high quality movies from the comfort of your home. Creator 10 Plus by Roxio is by far one of the most dependable video making software for the price in today’s market. This program is a huge upgrade from Roxio’s Basic software. It provides most of the features you will ever need as an amateur movie maker.

Roxio markets the Creator 2010 Plus as “Digital Media Made Easy” and in my honest opinion, that is exactly what it is. Its features allow for easy video editing, converting, sharing and even burning movies. Plus it offers so many other options that can come in handy in creating awesome homemade movies. These options include downloading and ripping music, which is a must-have if you want your movie to have a professionally made soundtrack. This best movie maker software makes it possible to capture music from a live stream then digitize the sound to enhance your video project.

The diversity of advanced features provided by the Roxio Creator 2010 Plus is probably the main reason why this program is considered the best movie maker software worldwide. After the installation process, you can figure out how to use the display menu choices in virtually seconds. That is how easy it is to use. Within the DVD menu you will find so many options for regular and high definition styles. Experts and amateurs alike agree that this is the most ideal movie making software for the new generation.

The other best making software in the $70 to $100 price range that are worth looking into are the Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere Elements, Cyberlink Power Director, and Magix Movie Edit Pro. These video editing programs have advanced features which are quite similar to that of Roxio’s Creator 10 Plus.