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An incredible advances in technology, making your very own high quality movies from the comfort of your home has now become possible and quite affordable, too. Not too long ago, home made movies looked and felt exactly that – homemade. But now, advanced hardware and software technology has provided virtually the whole world, amateurs and experts alike, with a plethora of best movie maker software that can make a homemade video look, sound and feel professionally created. In fact, with the help of these software, several movies developed and created by amateurs, like the Blair Witch Project movie, have garnered multiple international awards and even went on to conquer the top spot in the box office hits.

Now that the best movie maker software are very accessible and affordable to the general public, making high quality movies is no longer the exclusive domain of multi-billion-dollar movie production companies. Amateurs can now easily create, edit and upload high quality movies for the world to enjoy with the help of a dependable video camera, a powerful computer, high internet speed and, of course, the best movie maker software. Acquiring these tools is possible even with a relatively low budget.

With the wide array of movie making software available today, choosing the most ideal software that will meet all your needs as a movie maker can be quite an ordeal. Of course, the very first thing to consider is your budget. The prices of the most widely used movie making software range from $15 to $500. The best programs are way over a thousand dollars. Yes, there certainly are free movie making software available online. But more often times than not, these programs don’t seem to do much other than clog up your hard drive.


HD Video Movie Maker

HD Video Movie Maker – High Definition (HD) videos have definitely come a long way not only in the world of entertainment, but in Image result for web make videobusiness marketing and homemade videos as well. HD media, both in audio and video formats, is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable leaps in the history of the entertainment industry. We are all aware of the amazing HD movies promoted by movie producers around the world. And the good news is HD videos and movies can be created even by average people as long as the individual has a great video recorder and a reliable HD video movie maker. Watch a great video created with this tool here:

Creating your very own homemade HD movies can be quite an ordeal without efficient software and hardware support. It is true that there are several great HD video recording devices available in the market today. However, good and reliable HD video movie maker software are quite limited and not that easy to find.

Nowadays, most amateur and professional movie makers alike opt to record videos and homemade movies in the popular HD Blu-ray format. They would also like to create movies in a multi-format environment so as to make their videos compatible with all of the video sharing sites online. But whatever format you decide to use, you will definitely need an HD video movie maker.

Choosing a suitable video software application that will satisfy all your video editing needs can be quite tricky. You have to consider a HD video movie maker according to its ease of use and it has to deliver a great quality HD video output. Aside from that, you have to make sure that your HD video movie maker supports the most popular video formats such as HDCAM, Blu-ray, XDCAM HD, CHV, DVCPRO HD, HDCAM-CR and the likes. Choose a software that is capable of converting videos in the widely used SD (Standard Definition) video formats.

Top HD Video Movie Maker Software


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The most popular and highly efficient HD video movie maker software available today are the CyberLink Corp’s PowerDirector 8 Deluxe and SourceTec’s Sothink HD Movie Maker. These HD video movie maker software are both rich in video editing software and they yield incredibly high quality HD homemade movies

1. PowerDirector 8 Deluxe

This HD video movie maker software is one of the most popular video editing software since it supports virtually all video formats. It is equipped with easy to use standard and advanced video editing tools that make the software great for amateur and professional use. PowerDirector 8 Deluxe also has a good number of special movie making effects that can add zest to your homemade videos. Most of all, this software supports most video recording sources like DSLR, HDV and DV cameras as well as Analog and Digital TV. PowerDirector 8 Deluxe is one of the most expensive HD video movie maker software. However, its advanced features and extensive video format compatibility makes it one of the best video editing software available today.

2. Sothink HD Video Movie Maker Software

Sothink HD Video Movie Maker Software supports almost all current video input/output formats. These include MP4, DivX, WMV, MOV, QT, M2TS, FLV and so much more. It has the ability to burn HD camera/camcorder videos into a Blu-ray disc and it is also equipped with video editing special effects to help you create awesome homemade videos. The ease of use of Sothink HD video movie maker software and the final video quality the software produces are the most impressive qualities of Sothink HD movie maker.